Extensive experience within product development and the retail market, coupled with a different way of thinking when it comes to power consumption, saw the founders of Sungrid Group; Paul Hubers and Hugo Blaisse, develop and manufacture a full range of portable (solar) power products.

Driven by their passion to eradicate energy poverty worldwide, and in response to growing changes in global power requirements, Sungrid Group aims to become both brand and product leader across the international retail, business-to-business and NGO (CSI) market sectors with its full range of portable (solar) power products.

Ranging from simple inflatable solar lights through to products with a capacity of 1800W capable of meeting heavier power requirements, these simple to use, easy plug-and-play products are changing the very way in which consumers view energy consumption. In addition to providing the perfect solution in times of load shedding, this wide range of portable (solar) power products is affording relief to those not connected to any form of electricity. It is empowering lives and transforming society, across business, domestic and outdoor activities.

With no end in sight to current load shedding schedules and interrupted power supply, and as many as 2.2 billion people around the world not connected to any form of electricity, Sungrid Group aims to bring power to the people, thereby enriching the lives of millions.

The full range of portable (solar) power products includes:


With a combined experience spanning more than four decades, Sungrid Group’s directors are well positioned to deliver a positive impact on the local and global energy markets.

Paul Hubers, Co Founder and Director at Sungrid Group

Coming from a strong entrepreneurial background, Paul (Marketing and Communications – Amsterdam), set up his first business in the Netherlands in 1988 which saw him introducing many well-known brands to the European marketplace. These brands included Premier, Quintezz, Mr Handsfree and Canyon Computer Accessories. The successful establishment of these brands has provided Paul with excellent sales and marketing knowledge and experience, particular within the retail sector and residential markets.

In 2007, having sold his Dutch company, Paul relocated with his family to South Africa to set up and develop Sungrid Group. Here he successfully introduced the solar consumer brands Ecoboxx and Solsave to retail in South Africa. Paul’s current focus within Sungrid Group, is to introduce solar energy to the residential housing market.

Hugo Blaisse, Co Founder and Director at Sungrid Group

Hugo (Marketing and Finance – Amsterdam) comes from a strong investment and general management background with a career spanning many years in the Netherlands corporate arena.

After successfully running the Financial Products and Mortgages Solutions department at Delta Lloyd in the Netherlands he moved to South Africa in 1998, founding Truckles Traditional Cheese, a specialty boutique cheese company.

After this company was sold to a leading food distributor Hugo co-founded Sungrid Group, a one-stop-shop destination for a broad product range of solar power and other renewable energy solutions. Here he combines his hands-on approach and entrepreneurial spirit with his desire to take renewable energy developments in South Africa to the next level.


Talana Cole
Team Retail
Account Manager
Western Cape


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Team Retail
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Supply Chain Manager


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Director Supply Chain
Hong Kong Office

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Admin / Logistics


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Sungrid Group Agent
The Mena region
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Product and Marketing Assistant

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Sungrid Group Agent
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Sungrid Group Agent
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