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How can I make the World better for myself?

Sungrid Group at first ever Earth Expo, 11 – 14 August

Sungrid Group was thrilled to have been part of the first ever Earth Expo, held at Montecasino earlier this month. In partnership with InnoGreenBuild, we were on hand to highlight the very latest in green building technologies and renewable energy solutions to the more than 8,000 visitors attending this revolutionary four-day event.

“The aim of the event lay in demystifying Green Living,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager (Gauteng), Sungrid Group. From recycling through to the reduction of waste and consumption, members of the public were educated on how to make a difference. “It’s about making choices that have a positive impact on our world,” says Lombard, “particularly for our future generations.”

With a strong focus on cost savings and solar energy, the popular Ecoboxx 1500 powered both the television and LED low wattage lights contained in the green housing structures on display, together with other fixed solar installers.

Capable of powering anything from an LED light through to power drills, TVs and microwaves – with a range of other household or office products in between, the Ecoboxx 1500 is the first ever portable power unit offering dual-charging capability (ability to charge via solar as well as on the grid). Known as the Ecotank, it is the ultimate power solution for everyone and anyone needing renewable power to begin building a greener future.

“The benefits of solar power in reducing your environmental impact are wide ranging,” continues Lombard. “Not only does it provide a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable source of power and lighting – anywhere and anytime, it also allows for the reduction of one’s carbon footprint and awareness towards working with Nature. This is becoming increasingly vital, as we strive to leave the world in a better shape than how we found it.”

With social responsibility and social consciousness a key part of Earth Expo, all green buildings and many products were donated to worthy initiatives around the country at the end of this year’s show. “Access to renewable power is so crucial as the community will not be complicit in burning fossil fuels, not only for the development and empowering of communities in a sustainable and educating way,” continues Lombard, “but, most importantly, for the fostering of change and a brighter, healthier world.”

Take your first step towards an improved South Africa and more sustainable future.

Order your Ecoboxx 1500 today. Contact us on 021 447 6849 or
Alternatively, visit Builders Warehouse or Outdoor Warehouse to purchase a smaller Ecoboxx for your needs.


Sungrid Group joins forces with Intel and other leading IT companies to change the face of local education

 “Education is one of South Africa’s key priorities,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager (Gauteng), Sungrid Group, with access to regular power critical for both the implementation of effective education as well as new technologies and content. However, the sad reality is that far too often schools, particularly in rural areas, are faced with the daily challenge of an irregular or interrupted power supply and in extreme cases, often no power at all. “To change this would require massive investments in infrastructure,” continues Lombard, far beyond the means of those who need it most.

As developers, manufacturers and distributors of a full range of portable (solar) power and lighting products, Sungrid Group is committed to changing this. “South Africa, and Africa, receives extraordinary high levels of sunshine as well as the highest levels of solar energy compared to any other continent,” says Lombard. “Converting it into usable power for IT development, and education, is a logical step.”

Together with the likes of Intel, and other leading IT companies, Sungrid Group’s involvement in the educational leg of the government mandated Operation Phakisa seeks to grow ICT based education in schools through the use of renewable energy. “A regular and consistent power supply, together with access to mobile devices and other technologies, brings with it huge opportunity to transform education both locally and throughout Africa,” says Lombard. “Our goal is to reach all e-learning programmes, education boards and government ministers in order to showcase, and prove, the vital role that renewable energy has to play in today’s education crisis.”
Its flagship product, the Ecoboxx 1500 (a revolutionary portable solar generator able to provide up to 350 hours of uninterrupted power), is capable of powering a quality technology infrastructure for schools with no power, whilst also providing a reliable back up for those whose power supply is inconsistent. This will allow for technology driven projects essential to the expansion and improvement of education.

A proof of concept, already underway at Kgaphamadi High School, Bosplaas North West (Department of Basic Education), is successfully providing a much higher level of education to learners, improving both pass rates and attendance. Due to ‘always on power’, access to Wi-Fi and the internet is now a daily reality with learners exposed to new and relevant content. This is aiding skills development for both learners and teachers alike.

But, the benefits do not stop there. Sungrid Group’s wide range of products are able to offer renewable energy solutions across most scenarios. “We have a solution for each and every kind of portable power requirement,” says Lombard. “The sky, literally, is the limit.”
To find out how portable solar power can ‘em-power’ your latest project, contact us today on
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Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide staggering 50% ROI

High return entrepreneurial opportunities available for new and existing businesses

 With profits as high as 50%, Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide a very compelling reason to enter the world of portable (solar) power.

“Irrespective of the dealer package you chose, the return in profits is a guaranteed 50% of the original purchase price,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager for Gauteng. The Silver Sun package guarantees a profit of R6,500.00 (tiny initial investment of R13,000.00), the Gold Sun package returns a profit of R 12,000.00 (initial investment of R 24,000.00) while the Platinum Sun Package returns as much as R27,500 for an investment of R55,000. “An entrepreneur myself, I have never come across an investment opportunity with such a high profit guarantee.”

All our chosen dealers, across the Sun packages, receive a combination of products from the Ecoboxx or Solsave ranges. An example of a Gold Sun Package product mix could include: x6 Ecoboxxes (different power capabilities), together with a variety of Solsave products (x12 my-powa!, x10 my-lite, x10 my-lite+ and x12 my-lamp). The Gold and Platinum Sun packages allow the dealer to create his/ her own product mix. Sungrid Group will guide the dealers’ product selection based on geography and LSM of the intended markets. In addition, Platinum Sun status dealers will also receive a free Solsave FSU (free standing unit) display together with LCD Screen and other promotional materials.

Due to the highly entrepreneurial nature of our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sun dealer packages, we are introducing Sun-Preneur Kits which allow Entrepreneurs to use the Sun to generate even more income through Barber Kits, Student Kits or more feminine kits such as our Sewing and Beauty kits. The kits are Ideal for existing entrepreneurs and businesses that already have clear procedures in place to drive innovative job creation across Africa.

Through this initiative, Sungrid Group is not only encouraging the wider distribution of viable portable (solar) power, but also creating very worthwhile and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.

Become a Sun-Preneur Today!

Click here to view the Sungrid Resellers Packages in pdf format
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Let us help you to start realising your guaranteed return.

Why is the Ecoboxx the Perfect D.I.Y Solution from Builders Warehouse?

Sungrid Group celebrates with special pricing, introductory offers and much more.

 Gearing up for spring, saw Sungrid Group add its range of portable solar power and lighting products to the newly launched ‘solar Isles’ at Builders Warehouse in Rivonia in July and Strubens Valley in August. To celebrate, we invite all customers to visit Builders Rivonia, the flagship store, situated next to Sandton and in the very heart of South Africa’s business district, to take advantage of discounted prices and special introductory offers.

 The selection on offer in both stores includes our leading brand, Ecoboxx, voted best camping gear and accessory at the recent Gauteng Getaway Show and supported by South African icons, Dale Steyn and Jacques Kallis. Ranging from Ecoboxx 50 through to its Ecoboxx 600 at under R 9999, the choice available caters to any and all, light to medium portable power requirements. Ecoboxx 1500 can be available on request.

“As South Africa’s store of choice for all DIY, building and home improvement solutions, Builders Warehouse is a natural fit for our solar portable power and lighting products,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “Access to alternative power solutions, that are both reliable and cost-effective, are empowering lives,” continues Hubers. “Being able to generate power anywhere and anytime, irrespective of circumstances, is providing independence to households and businesses countrywide.”

Part of Sungrid Group’s value offering to Builders Warehouse included the proposal of an entire Isle, dedicated to solar products, covering a wide range of size and functionality. “Solar is changing the way people consume power,” continues Hubers. “Retailers countrywide need to cater to this increasing consumer demand in order to remain competitive.”

Sungrid Group is proud to part of Builders Warehouse’s first ‘solar aisle’, with plans underway to increase its offering to include the Ecoboxx 1500. A revolutionary portable solar generator, capable of meeting heavier power requirements from drills through to grinders, and much more, it is fast proving itself to be “The essential item for every home”, business and outdoor experience.

To find out more, please contact us today on 021 380 0305 or

Why are Solsave Silicon Batteries Superior?

New in Africa!
The Solsave Silicone Power Battery

Patented – Silicone Electrolyte Characteristics:
Our unique silicone electrolyte does not corrode the internal plates of the batteries, hence increases capacity and prolongs the battery charging cycles.

Solsave’s universally recognized edge over commonly used lead-acid batteries is due to its high temperature performance and fast charging capability which is truly unique in Africa.

Normal VRLA batteries (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) in general lose around 50% of cycle life for every 8˚C increase in temperature above 25˚C, while Solsave Silicon Power Technology conserves 60% of the energy that ordinary batteries lose due to this rise in temperature.

At higher temperatures above 40˚C virtually all VRLA batteries lose capacity and performance, however Solsave Silicon Power batteries always function with full capacity at temperatures even above 40˚C. For the use in appliances or vehicles where heat is generated, Solsave Silicon technology performs better than the competition.

Additionally, Solsave’s Silicon technology allows for fast charging capabilities, as the Solsave batteries can be recharged to 90% capacity within 60 minutes with high current charging.

Solsave Silicon Battery Range has many other advantages including a low self-discharge rate extending the general lifespan by 80% by reducing internal resistance.

There is no pollution and temperature rise during charging and operations, therefore isolation is not required for harmful gas emission, saving design and construction costs in many applications.

Solsave Silicon Power Battery’s applications range far and wide, including telecommunication systems, utility applications, transportation, UPS systems, data center machineries, all forms of renewable energy collection (predominantly solar and wind power energy systems) and many other backup applications and traction batteries for vehicles and forklifts.


  • World Changing – Extreme high and low temperature performance:
    -40˚C to +70˚C with minimum loss on charging cycles during temperature rise.
  • Convenient – Fast charging of 90% capacity within 60 minutes.
  • Superior – Higher specific energy, around 30 – 50% higher than lead acid batteries.
  • Smart – Low self discharge rate, around 20% every 2 years under ambient temperature due to low internal resistance.
  • Durable – Long cycle life: more than 2,000 cycles at 50% D.O.D. and up to 5,000 charging cycles for telecom & standby use.
  • Superb – Improved charging characteristics; no memory effect and can withstand high current charging and discharging.
  • Flexible – No minimum discharge voltage restriction, allowing charging capacity at all time without initial discharging procedures.
  • Eco-Friendly – No corrosion and no pollution due to Patented Silicone Electrolyte.
  • Child Friendly – No acid mist emission during charging and discharging.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Solsave Silicone Batteries are best in market.
  • Maintenance free – Closed battery requires zero maintenance.

For more Info, contact us today on 021 380 0302 or

Click here to view more of the Solsave Silicone Power Battery range


Sungrid Group’s aim to bring power to the people, thereby enriching the lives of millions, has taken another step forward with the launch of its portable solar Education Kits. Powered by Ecoboxx, its flagship product, these kits are providing affordable solar power classroom solutions able to be used by ANY school, ANYwhere.

“Listed by the United Nations as number four in its business plan for the world, quality education is undoubtedly critical to a sustainable future,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “However, far too often access to this is fraught with challenges and lack of opportunity.”

Sungrid Group’s latest initiative sees it powering development in Africa’s rural areas. “Education transformation models require access to reliable electricity,” continues Hubers. Yet, Africa’s traditional power supply remains inconsistent at best. The Ecoboxx Education Kits seek to change this.
“Currently, we have two options available,” says Hubers. By bundling what is known as a bubblegum table together with an Ecoboxx, Sungrid is able to provide a solution for individual learning opportunities. Alternatively, by bundling multiple devices with an Ecoboxx capable of meeting larger power requirements, entire classroom solutions become possible. “The impact on learners has been extraordinary, including measurable literacy and numeracy improvement together with a noticeable increase in both engagement and school attendance.”
Taking it one step further, Sungrid is also in discussion with INTEL to leverage its Education Tablet with Stylus. “INTEL already enjoy huge traction within the education sector,” says Hubers. “We believe that combining its products with our portable solar power solutions will ultimately deliver the best overall offering for schools everywhere.”

To find out more, or to help us power development in our communities, please contact us today on 021 447 6849 or


Click here to view more information on the Sun-Preneur stalls.

A recent partnership with Juro has seen Sungrid Group’s latest offering, the Solsave Sun-Preneur stalls, provide entrepreneurs across the continent with a far more sustainable infrastructure for their start up business, via solar powered solutions.
“The biggest problem with African entrepreneur initiatives is the infrastructure or ‘housing’ from which it operates,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “We have all seen vendors selling their wares, either in townships or on city sidewalks, out of inferior quality shacks, metal containers or event plastic tents. One spell of bad weather, and the budding entrepreneur’s infrastructure, and with it the business and revenue opportunity, is gone.”

Juro, an innovative African branding and commodity supplier, manufactures quality fibre-lined portable stalls ideally suited to these African entrepreneurs. Not only are these luxury stalls easily transportable, but most importantly they are completely weather-proof and able to withstand even the toughest conditions, thereby providing the ideal solution to millions of entrepreneurs across the continent.

“However, reliable and cost-effective power and light has to date been missing until now from these structures,” continues Hubers. Sungrid’s recent partnership with Juro will see the inclusion of portable Solar power products in these units moving forward, thereby opening up additional revenue opportunities including that afforded by a recent partnership between Sungrid, Juro and leading mobile phone operators throughout Africa.

Each unit will come complete with a roof mounted solar panel, LED lighting in the stall together with a fan to provide ventilation and a cool environment. In addition, the portable power unit itself will be housed in a separate case, allowing the entrepreneur to take it home each evening. “In turn, this will provide power and light to many households, many of whom are currently without,” says Hubers.

Available in a number of different sizes, these Sun-Preneur stalls can be used for a variety of business purposes:

  • SIM cards, airtime and electronic money transfers (reseller contracts with mobile phone operators optional)
  • Small solar light and charging products
  • Cigarettes (reseller contracts with major distributors optional)
  • Small snacks
  • Cold drinks and warm snacks (bigger stall with more power)
  • Everyday shopping items (contracts with leading Spaza shop suppliers optional)

Depending on the option chosen, the Sun-Preneur stalls generate a guaranteed monthly income of between R 3,500.00 to R 15,000.00.

Set against a monthly instalment of only R 250.00 to R 1,000.00 (once again depending on the option chosen), it is easy to see the huge financial viability available.

To find out more, contact us today on 021 447 6849 or


Steven Goitseone is one of many South Africans without access to any form of reliable electricity or opportunity for viable employment. The difference with Steven though, is that he makes use of the Ecoboxx Barber Kit and it is improving his current circumstances for the better – daily!

Situated at a taxi rank in Tsepisong (a township next to Soweto), Steven is realising as much as R3,000.00 per month additional income. He does this through offering mobile phone recharging services (R5.00/ charge) and haircuts (R10.00 – R 15.00 each). “I am also able to assist others,” says Steven, who often employs his nephew to man his stand while he in turn goes off in search of other handyman work opportunities.

But it is not only during daylight hours that Steven’s Ecoboxx is proving its worth. “My shack is home to six other people, apart from myself,” says Steven. “As a result of the Ecoboxx, which I take home with me each evening, we now have a reliable source of light in addition to being able to listen to the radio or watch a bit of television.” Yet, one of the biggest benefits lies in its safety. “We no longer need to light candles at night,” says Steven, “greatly reducing the risk of shack fires.”

With his informal settlement not officially connected to the grid, Steven expresses concern over the many illegal connections to be found in townships and settlements around the country. “It is placing our children’s lives in danger. Our children walk over, and past, these makeshift power lines every day, with so many getting hurt as a result.” However, the sad reality is that even with these illegal connections, the power source is still not reliable due to it more often than not being disconnected.

“I would like to see an Ecoboxx in every home in my area,” says Steven, who has already purchased a second kit which he intends selling. “The solar panels are attracting a lot of interest, and I have had many enquiries from both neighbours and friends as to how they too can start to generate their own income, whilst improving the overall quality of their lives.”

Tune into Al Jazeera over the next few weeks to find out more about Steven and his Ecoboxx journey. In the meantime, for additional information on the Ecoboxx Entrepreneurial Kit, contact us today on 021 447 6849 or


Guaranteed, and affordable, access to power and light – anybody, anywhere, anytime

New from Sungrid Group – the revolutionary Solsave my-powa kit!, a solar USB powered portable light and energy system.

Complete with its very own solar panel, 1 Watt LED light, cable, switch and powerbank, this handy kit comes in a compact and easy to carry case. Capable of charging any make of smartphone or tablet, it is the ultimate solution for any portable power or light requirement.

Retailing at $25 FOB Netherlands/HKK MOQ is 100 pcs, the Solsave my-powa kit! includes:

  • Solar cell: 1W
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output current: 160mA
  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Material transport pouch: EVA

Keep it in your car, office or home for guaranteed access to power and light when you need it most!
To order yours today, or for more information, please contact 021 447 6849 or


Solsave my-water! Turning dirty or contaminated water into clean and safe to drink!

Ideally suited for any market – from humanitarian aid to B2B, the outdoor enthusiast and the average household, Solsave my-water! is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Comprising of two connected containers, dirty or contaminated water is poured into the top container. The water then drips through the ‘candle’, or filter, into the bottom container where it is stored – safe from any further contamination and easily dispensed through the tap mechanism at the bottom.

The brilliant, and high quality, filter technology ensures the removal of as much as 99.95% of harmful bacteria, in excess of 99.995% protozoa and no less than 99% turbidity – a key test of water quality. This helps to prevent water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, giardia, cryptosporidiosis, typhus and schistosomiasis.

Further, the filter element contains activated carbon to remove colour and improve taste. The end result – the conversion of even the most highly contaminated water into a safe and delicious thirst quencher, with a long shelf life! Silver technology guarantees safe storage of the filtered water. Due to the controlled release of silver particles, bacteria is unable to live and grow in the filtered water. This ensures that your water remains safe to drink for a sustained period of time.

The Solsave my-water! retails at the incredibly low price of ZAR 600.00 or USD 39.00 and comes complete with one filter.

Order yours today to maximise the health benefits of earth’s most precious, and free, resource!

To find out more, please contact 021 447 6849 or email