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Outdoor Warehouse Strongly Endorses Sungrid Group’s Top Product Range


“With the constant increase in electricity tariffs, more and more consumers are looking for viable alternative energy sources,” comments Michael Kriel, buyer at Outdoor Warehouse, one of Africa’s largest suppliers of outdoor equipment and apparel. “What makes Sungrid Group’s product range so attractive, is that it really is an all in one solution. There are no extra items that need to be bought, everything you need to ‘power’ your home, office or outdoor adventure is included in the box you purchase – making Sungrid Group’s offering true plug-and-play, literally as easy as 1-2-3.”

Having initially stocked only the Ecoboxx 160DC Plus, Outdoor Warehouse now also offers its consumers the Ecoboxx 600, available at selected stores. Both products are fast gaining traction and recognition as the ultimate all-in-one power machine for any light to medium portable power requirement. “In addition, we also stock the newly released Solsave my-powa,” adds Kriel. Launched early 2015, the Solsave my-powa is a revolutionary portable solar charger complete with both on- and off-grid capability.

“With the summer holiday season almost upon us, South Africans are gearing up for a well-deserved break,” continues Kriel. “Both the Ecoboxx 160DC+ and Ecoboxx 600 are ideal for the outdoor life, making it the essential accessory for all camping, caravan and 4×4 adventures.” On the other hand the Solsave my-powa, with its easy portability, is perfect for those who will be tackling some of South Africa’s beautiful hiking trails. “This makes it a highly sought after end of year gift,” adds Kriel.

“Through Sungrid Group we are able to offer our customers leading alternative (solar) power solutions, that are both cost-effective and of exceptionally high quality,” continues Kriel. Further, the easy to understand POS displays and visually appealing packaging, together with training provided, empowers the Outdoor Warehouse sales team to have extensive knowledge of the benefits and value these products bring to the South African consumer.

Whilst South Africa might not currently be in the grips of a crippling load shedding schedule, the need for alternative solutions remains. “The South African consumer still needs access to alternative and cost-effective energy products,” says Kriel. With the price of electricity continuing to soar, solar ‘power for free’, harnessed from the sun, is becoming an increasingly appealing option.

“Before, solar was always cumbersome and expensive, but this is no longer the case,” continues Kriel. Constant improvements in technology has led to the development of portable solar products capable of positively impacting the lives of many. “Whilst it might still be a growing market,” adds Kriel, “it is nevertheless fast becoming an essential product to have.”


Screen shot 2015-10-22 at 4.59.45 PM

Sungrid Group introduces revolutionary new range of solar power and light products for the emerging market

Proudly endorsed by SA and the world’s number one cricket player, Dale Steyn – brand ambassador for Solsave Power For Free

Revolutionary sales boost floor display available (see above)

Response to increasing interest in Africa for a range of top quality, but lower entry, portable (solar) power products has seen Sungrid Group introduce its latest range of power and lighting solutions.
Available to the African consumer at entry level prices – despite the fluctuating rand/ dollar, these revolutionary solar power bulbs and lanterns are set to not only meet growing market demand for more cost effective solutions, but in so doing, help to ‘light up Africa’.



Revolutionary Solar Power Bulb
* R 229.00 (SRP) $15.00
Revolutionary Solar Power Bulb
* R 399.00 (SRP) $25.00
Revolutionary Solar Power Lantern
* R 349.00 (SRP) $22.00
Super bright 90 lumen LED light providing up to 6 hours of light on one single charge. Super bright 200 lumen LED light providing up to 8 hours of light on one single charge. More than 8 hours of continuous light from super bright 120 lumen LED light.
Polycrystalline solar panel for easy harnessing of the sun’s energy. Polycrystalline solar panel (20cm) for easy harnessing of the sun’s energy. Built-in polycrystalline solar panel to generate power from the sun’s energy.
Generous 3m cable to effortlessly position the bulb in the perfect location. Generous 3m cable to effortlessly position the bulb in the perfect location. USB output 2200 mAh for emergency charging of phones and other devices.
Handy hook to hang the bulb anywhere. Handy hook to hang the bulb anywhere. Manual Charging – recharge the batteries in an emergency with the winding handle.
Convenient Switch – perfect home accessory to prevent panic in power failures. Convenient Switch – perfect home accessory to prevent panic in power failures. Hang the lantern anywhere with the handy hook.
USB Output – 4000mAh integrated power bank for charging mobile phones and other devices. Adjustable LED light for battery control and convenient mood setting.
1 Year Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee

* Rand price inclusive of VAT (14%), US$ price exclusive of local VAT (if applicable)
* SRP – Suggested retail sales price

Further, to assist retailers with roll-out, Sungrid Group has developed a self-explanatory retail box complete with answers to all possible FAQs. Including a celebrity endorsement by renowned South African cricketer, Dale Steyn, these great new displays are able to house the following Solsave stock:

  • x12 my-powa (now inlcuded !best seller in Africa and market leader)
  • x12 my-lamp
  • x10 my-lite
  • x10 my-lite+

For more information, please visit our great new website – or contact:

Cape Town: Talana Cole – 076 966 6623 or

Johannesburg: Paul Lombard – 083 229 2717 or


World changing portable solar power in a clever backpack with trolley

EB600_NewThe revolutionary Ecoboxx 600 watt for medium to heavy power requirements is now available

Sungrid Group is thrilled to announce the availability of its revolutionary Ecoboxx 600 at leading retail outlets countrywide. Providing up to 160 hours of power, and by far the most affordable portable power solution for medium to heavy power requirements, the Ecoboxx 600 is fast becoming known as the ultimate all-in-one power machine.

“We are seeing great market response and uptake from retailers and consumers alike,” comments Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. This has been further enhanced by the Ecoboxx 600 in-store POS. Supplied by Sungrid Group as part of its retail offering, it is allowing for an easy understanding of the unit’s features and benefits.

With all of its components conveniently housed in a single bag, together with trolley for easy transport, this all-in-one power machine comes complete with:

– Dual Charging via Solar panels and the grid.

– 2 x 600W AC pure sine wave outlet

– 600 watt pure sine wave inverter for smooth power supply.

– 2 x 5V DC USB port

– 2 x 2V DL DC jack output

-2 x 3 watt led lights with independent switches

– Input voltage 16/25V DC

– Input current 8A max

– 4 x 10W solar panels included

– 42 Ah AGM power battery

– LED indicator for battery level

– Travel trolley included

– 1 x AC DC wall charger for grid charging

– 1 Year Warranty


Retailing in South Africa at R 11,999.00, Incl. 14% vat /$860 . Easy to operate and with no maintenance required, the Ecoboxx 600 is the ideal portable power solution for camping and outdoor experiences. In fact, it is the ideal portable power solution for any situation (recreational, business or domestic) with medium to heavy power requirements.

Call today to get your own Ecoboxx 600 now, or look where to buy this great power machine.
For our dealers ; a special ‘try out’ trial, consisting of 2-3 units and free product training, provides the opportunity to test and meet growing consumer demand for portable (solar) power and lighting solutions – at no risk to your business.
For more information, please contact:

Cape Town: Talana Cole – 076 966 6623 or

Johannesburg: Paul Lombard – 083 229 2717 or

Demand for portable solar across building and residential market

“The way power, and portable (solar) power in particular, is consumed has changed,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “We are seeing an increase in demand, particularly across the building and residential estate market where the use of diesel generators is either not allowed or simply no longer the preferred option due to environmental concerns.”

Click here to read the full article.

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Sun-Connect Off-Grid News


We are thrilled to announce that our flagship portable (solar) power and lighting products, Ecoboxx and WakaWaka, is now officially listed on GOGLA.

Founded in 2012, GOGLA (Global Off-Grid Lighting Association) is a neutral, independent and non-profit association focused on promoting lighting solutions that benefit society and businesses within emerging markets.


sungrid5Whilst its full range of portable (solar) power and lighting products have taken the market by storm, figures indicate that Sungrid Group’s most recent offering is achieving best seller status.

A lightweight and compact combination of both power and light, retailing at only R499.00, the Solsave my-powa has broken all records since its launch two months ago. “It’s an attractive combination,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “The Solsave my-powa is providing consumers with an easy and cost-effective alternative for light power requirements during times of load-shedding, in addition to safety and convenience whilst outdoors and during recreational activities.”

The last few weeks have seen Sungrid Group secure distribution through Outdoor Warehouse, Midas, Sportsmans Warehouse, Golfers Club and The ProShop outlets, with many more retailers to follow.

“South Africans, tired of being at the mercy of Eskom, searching for alternative solutions,” continues Hubers. “We are thrilled to be able to provide local consumers with a degree of relief during ever increasing load-shedding schedules.”


This year saw the rollout of the Ecoboxx load shedding solution at Makro stores nationwide. As a revolutionary plug-and-play portable solar generator, Ecoboxx is proving itself essential for home, outdoor, business and emergency use. Available at no fewer than 100 outlets, it is now even more accessible to the South African consumer as a result of this new distribution agreement.

“The current load shedding situation is beyond critical,” says Paul Hubers, Director, Sungrid Group. “Barely a day passes without dire warnings from Eskom. Social media is abuzz with complaints of how severely quality of life and business operations are impacted across the country.”

Suitable for light to medium power requirements, the following Ecoboxx units will be available at Makro:

  • Ecoboxx 50: Suitable for lights, smartphone and iPad charging.
  • Ecoboxx 90: The ultimate lighting kit and ideal for charging small appliances.
  • Ecoboxx 160+: The all-in-one value kit suitable for light, multiple charging and medium AC power.

“There is significant interest and uptake amongst the local retail market,” says Hubers. Whilst this can be largely attributed to Sungrid Group’s easy ‘plug-and-play’ product range, the company also works closely with its retail customers. “We have developed easy to understand retail packaging as well as effective point-of-sale material,” continues Hubers. In addition, the retail team offers extensive training programmes to further equip retail customers to be able to effectively communicate the value of this offering to its customer base.

“The demand for viable alternative solutions to the current energy crisis is increasing exponentially,” says Hubers, clearly evidenced by Sungrid Group’s expanding presence across many of South Africa’s retail outlets. Ecoboxx brings with it not only an answer to an increasingly interrupted power supply, but one that is sustainable, renewable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

photo 2


Voltex, a proudly Bidvest company and wholly owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, is the latest addition to a fast growing list of retailers embracing the ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign.  Voltex’s involvement will see the stocking of Ecoboxx 120, Ecoboxx 160 and WakaWaka products in both its Worcester and West Coast stores.

A leading stockist and reseller of a vast and comprehensive range of electrical and lighting products, Voltex is the largest electrical distributor in Southern Africa.  Its market covers many areas including commercial, industrial, residential and mining as well as energy efficiency.

“The inclusion of leading portable solar power products such as Ecoboxx and WakaWaka into the Voltex product offering was a natural fit and one which made perfect sense,” says Shawn Roets, Western Cape Regional Manager, Voltex.  “We are expecting great results and are excited to be able to offer these safe, sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products to our customers.”

“With 53 retail outlets nationwide we look forward to working with Voltex to expand our presence across South Africa, thereby continuing to grow the use of portable solar power countrywide,” concludes Ryan Steytler, Director, Sungrid Group.



“It has been a great few months for ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ in the local retail market, with positive uptake by both local retailers and consumers alike,” says Ryan Steytler, Director Product Innovation, In2Brands.  The ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign, launched earlier this year, seeks to provide safe, sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to Africa’s pressing energy problem.

“Our winter is far from over, bringing with it endless load shedding,” says Steytler.  “We are committed to ensuring these products are easily accessible to the South African consumer, with retail proving the best avenue.”

Available at Outdoor Warehouse, ACDC Express Stores, Wellness Warehouse on Kloof, Dad’s Toys (Canal Walk) and Space TV (Woodstock), a selection of the Ecoboxx and WakaWaka range can also be purchased online via,,, and with plans to expand across additional retail outlets underway.

“Solar is a growing industry,” says Michael Kriel, Outdoor Warehouse. “Whilst we already stock various other solar brands, the quality, price and service received from In2Brands made the decision to include its products in our portfolio an easy one.”

Comprising a full range of portable plug-and-play solar products capable of addressing any power requirement, ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ includes In2Brand’s own locally designed and created “Ecoboxx”, and the Dutch “WakaWaka” for which it enjoy exclusive sales rights within Africa.  Both make use of the very latest in patented solar technology to supply electricity to those in need.