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Kenyan agent for Sungrid Group excited by potential of superior product range

Part of its vision to “Light up Africa”, has seen Sungrid Group successfully extend its reach into the African marketplace. In line with this, it has recently partnered with Gallant Technologies Limited and Dawn Projects Limited. Serving as the marketing arm, Dawn will be supported by its sister company, Gallant, whose strong engineering capability will provide enormous value as it begins to expand into industrial solar power.

Founded and owned by Mike Koech, who serves as CEO (Gallant) and Operations Director (Dawn), collectively its mandate will be to take Sungrid Group’s extensive range of portable (solar) power and lighting products into the Kenyan market, followed by East Africa.

“We first came across both Sungrid Group and its high quality range of portable (solar) power solutions about three years ago,” says Koech. Living in Cape Town at the time, with plans to relocate to Kenya, Koech was excited at the potential for these products within the Kenyan marketplace.

Serving as the main point of contact and agent with an exclusive distribution agreement within Kenya, with further discussions underfoot to eventually expand into the greater East African market, Koech is passionate about the enormous impact portable solar power is capable of having.

“About 60% of rural Kenya is without access to electricity,” he continues. “Sungrid Group’s product range is the perfect solution across not only underdeveloped areas, but also within disadvantaged urban communities as well.”

In particular, Koech references the Ecoboxx Barber Kit. Complete with clippers, it provides consumers not only with power and light, but most importantly with an income generating opportunity. “Kenya is a very entrepreneurial market and we are confident that this will prove to be an excellent fit.” In addition Koech and his team will also be marketing Sungrid Group’s lower entry products such as the Solsave my-powa, my-lite and my-lamp across Kenya’s lower income groups. “Our people need access to alternative, viable and cost-effective energy solutions,” stresses Koech. “The beauty of Sungrid Group’s extensive range, is that there is a suitable option available for everyone – not only with regards to specific requirements, but as importantly with regards to affordability.”

In addition, the humanitarian market will be another strong focus area, for which Koech believes the Ecoboxx 600 will be of great benefit. “Sungrid Group is already enjoying much success within the NGO and CSI sectors,” continues Koech. “We are proud to be part of this outreach within Kenya and eventually, East Africa.”

Whilst the demand for portable (solar) power and lighting products, within Kenya, can’t be disputed, Koech also references increasing competition. “We are expecting it to be a tough market, filled with cheaper alternatives. However, the superior quality that Sungrid Group offers across their entire product range will be what sets us apart. Whilst price is important, superior quality is non-negotiable.”IMG_2946


Talana ColeTeam Retail Western Cape Account Manager
Talana Cole

As the first employee, Talana has been part of Sungrid Group since its inception and is as passionate about the company as she is about the enormous possibilities portable (solar) power holds for empowering Africa and its people.

Born and bred in Cape Town, Talana discovered her knack for sales quite by chance. Building on this skill, Talana went on to gather extensive sales and business development experience across multiple industries including the commercial property and premium office furniture environments.

A naturally enquiring mind and thirst for continuous learning and growth, motivated Talana to complete a Business Management Course through UNISA. These new found tools, coupled with her natural ability to organise and streamline processes, has seen Talana delivering enormous value across the entire company from administration and operations through to marketing and finance.

As Account Manager, Talana’s flair for building and maintaining positive customer relationships renders her a perfect fit. Talana works exclusively with Paul in Sungrid Group’s retail team to continue expanding their footprint within the industry.

“I am proud and excited to be part of Sungrid Group,” says Talana. “On the back of a very successful few years, we are poised for even more significant growth and I look forward to being apart of The Sungrid Group’s revolutionary impact on society.”


Team Retail Johannesburg Account Manager
Paul Lombard

After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Marketing Management from the University of Johannesburg, Paul entered the world of sales. His first position Paul was responsible for selling Charter Life products for Standard Bank. Shortly thereafter, he was accepted into the AC Nielsen Graduate Programme.

A strong sales and business development career path has awarded Paul invaluable experience across many industries, but particularly within the FMCG, wholesale and retail sectors over the last few years.

Passionate about solar and the potential it holds as technologies continue to improve, Paul joined Sungrid Group as the Account Manager for the Johannesburg retail team. Responsible for the acquisition and management of new accounts across the mass retail, B2B and NGO environment, Paul will focus on both the development of an effective regional sales strategy together with marketing implementation and brand management.


Office Manager
Nadiema Taylor

Her ability to multi-task, coupled with a strong analytical mind and strict adherence to deadlines renders Nadiema perfectly suited to her role as Office Manager, Sungrid Group. With responsibilities ranging from front line assistance and accounting, to repairs, customer service, logistics and the day-to-day requirements needed to keep an office running smoothly, Nadiema’s previous administration experience stands her in good stead.

Passionate about the potential for growth, for both Sungrid Group and the solar industry at large, Nadiema is committed to a long and successful career within the company.