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‘Africa’s most exciting fundraisers are using Solsave and Ecoboxx solar power products.’

Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave brands are proudly involved in one of Africa’s most exciting fundraising initiatives. “Man vs Beast” is a first of its kind endurance adventure race. Covering a distance of 800km over 16 days along the west coast of South Africa, it is the ultimate physical and mental endurance race for man and horses alike to raise awareness and funds to facilitate corrective surgery in animals and children born with clefts.

As media and TV partner for this event, Wild TV Africa’s CEO, Dewald Visser, decided to join the challenge in order to secure great footage for the TV production. This resulted in him accompanying the participants, and animals, as they ‘trekked’ through some of South Africa’s most scenic spots – all the while on a Stealth Carbon Fatbike. He started the 50k A Day challenge, which also raised funds for the two charities, by means of a TV series currently in production.

In need of alternative, but viable, energy solutions to accompany him on this journey, Visser conducted extensive market research into potential options. After a thorough analysis of available offerings, he concluded that Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave product range was by far the most superior and, in that, exactly what they were looking for.

“We needed access to guaranteed and reliable power and light,” says Visser. “Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave range of portable (solar) power and lighting products were our first choice, and it definitely did not disappoint.”

During the course of the journey, Wild TV’s camera crew needed to charge batteries for the cameras, editing suite, drones, GPS and cell phones in order to be able to produce daily video clips for social media. “Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave products did everything they needed to do, and more,” says Visser. The Ecoboxx, with its solar panels (attached to the roof of the 4×4), provided reliable power during the four days there was no access to electricity.

In addition, the Solsave my-powa, kept in Visser’s backpack, enabled him to keep his action cameras charged as he traveled along the coast for days, eliminating the risk of any missed filming opportunities as a result of flat batteries. At night, the my-lamp! and my-lite! provided sufficient light for the camp site, recharging very quickly in the sunshine en route from Alexander Bay to Cape Town.

“I will never attempt another adventure without Solar powered products,” says Visser, “and have a very good idea as to what I will choose to use for my next 50k A Day event – a 1000km adventure from Swakopmund to Oranjemund in 2016.”

The following Ecoboxx and Solsave products, from Sungrid Group’s extensive range, were used during the course of this challenge:

  • Ecoboxx 600
  • Ecoboxx 160 DC
  • Solsave my-powa
  • Solsave my-lamp
  • Solsave my-lite

Visit for more information about this great Solo Fatbike adventure.

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community Chest entrepenuer kit project


Sungrid Group to donate 10,000 free solar lights to African NGOs

With over 10,000 free solar lights available to Africa’s NGO community, you too can play your part in helping to eradicate energy poverty by making a difference in the lives of those without access to power. For a limited period only (31 March 2016, or until stocks last), Sungrid Group will donate a free solar light, for every product purchased, to a charity or cause of your choice.

The products relating to this offer include:

  • Solsave my-lite!: 1.5W solar panel with 90 lumen super bright LED providing up to 6 hours of light from a single charge.
  • Solsave my-lite+: 3W solar panel with 200 lumen super bright LED providing up to 8 hours of light from a single charge; 4000 mAh internal battery powerbank for the charging of smartphones and other USB devices.
  • Solsave my-lamp!:120 lumen super bright LED providing up to 8 hours of light from a single charge; 2200 mAh battery powerbank for the charging of smartphones and other USB devices. The Solsave my-lamp! is also capable of manual charging via its handle-like feature.

With true plug-and-play convenience (no installation required) and its multi-charging capability (the ability to charge via the sun’s rays or via the grid); the Solsave my-lite!, my-lite+ and my-lamp! provide access to guaranteed power and light for when you need it most. In addition, all products come complete with a full one-year warranty and five-year battery life.

“One of our key objectives is, as far as possible, to ensure that our products land up in the homes and lives of those who truly need them,” says Paul Hubers, Sungrid Group. Access to reliable power and light can, and does, change lives. From improving study conditions through to providing aspiring entrepreneurs the means to succeed, Sungrid Group is passionate about empowering Africa.

This is evidenced through its existing partnerships with, amongst other, The Community Chest of the Western Cape, The World Food Program, Barclays, Gogla, The World Bank and the United Nations. It is these very partnerships together with Sungrid Group’s full range of portable solar power and light solutions, excellent logistics and distribution capability comprising its own warehouses coupled with an extensive network of agents throughout Africa, that is fast positioning Sungrid Group as the reliable and partner of choice within the African portable power marketplace.
“This offer enables us to continue fulfilling on our vision of ‘lighting up Africa’, with the help of every single one of our consumers,” says Hubers.

Outdoor Warehouse Strongly Endorses Sungrid Group’s Top Product Range


“With the constant increase in electricity tariffs, more and more consumers are looking for viable alternative energy sources,” comments Michael Kriel, buyer at Outdoor Warehouse, one of Africa’s largest suppliers of outdoor equipment and apparel. “What makes Sungrid Group’s product range so attractive, is that it really is an all in one solution. There are no extra items that need to be bought, everything you need to ‘power’ your home, office or outdoor adventure is included in the box you purchase – making Sungrid Group’s offering true plug-and-play, literally as easy as 1-2-3.”

Having initially stocked only the Ecoboxx 160DC Plus, Outdoor Warehouse now also offers its consumers the Ecoboxx 600, available at selected stores. Both products are fast gaining traction and recognition as the ultimate all-in-one power machine for any light to medium portable power requirement. “In addition, we also stock the newly released Solsave my-powa,” adds Kriel. Launched early 2015, the Solsave my-powa is a revolutionary portable solar charger complete with both on- and off-grid capability.

“With the summer holiday season almost upon us, South Africans are gearing up for a well-deserved break,” continues Kriel. “Both the Ecoboxx 160DC+ and Ecoboxx 600 are ideal for the outdoor life, making it the essential accessory for all camping, caravan and 4×4 adventures.” On the other hand the Solsave my-powa, with its easy portability, is perfect for those who will be tackling some of South Africa’s beautiful hiking trails. “This makes it a highly sought after end of year gift,” adds Kriel.

“Through Sungrid Group we are able to offer our customers leading alternative (solar) power solutions, that are both cost-effective and of exceptionally high quality,” continues Kriel. Further, the easy to understand POS displays and visually appealing packaging, together with training provided, empowers the Outdoor Warehouse sales team to have extensive knowledge of the benefits and value these products bring to the South African consumer.

Whilst South Africa might not currently be in the grips of a crippling load shedding schedule, the need for alternative solutions remains. “The South African consumer still needs access to alternative and cost-effective energy products,” says Kriel. With the price of electricity continuing to soar, solar ‘power for free’, harnessed from the sun, is becoming an increasingly appealing option.

“Before, solar was always cumbersome and expensive, but this is no longer the case,” continues Kriel. Constant improvements in technology has led to the development of portable solar products capable of positively impacting the lives of many. “Whilst it might still be a growing market,” adds Kriel, “it is nevertheless fast becoming an essential product to have.”


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Kenyan agent for Sungrid Group excited by potential of superior product range

Part of its vision to “Light up Africa”, has seen Sungrid Group successfully extend its reach into the African marketplace. In line with this, it has recently partnered with Gallant Technologies Limited and Dawn Projects Limited. Serving as the marketing arm, Dawn will be supported by its sister company, Gallant, whose strong engineering capability will provide enormous value as it begins to expand into industrial solar power.

Founded and owned by Mike Koech, who serves as CEO (Gallant) and Operations Director (Dawn), collectively its mandate will be to take Sungrid Group’s extensive range of portable (solar) power and lighting products into the Kenyan market, followed by East Africa.

“We first came across both Sungrid Group and its high quality range of portable (solar) power solutions about three years ago,” says Koech. Living in Cape Town at the time, with plans to relocate to Kenya, Koech was excited at the potential for these products within the Kenyan marketplace.

Serving as the main point of contact and agent with an exclusive distribution agreement within Kenya, with further discussions underfoot to eventually expand into the greater East African market, Koech is passionate about the enormous impact portable solar power is capable of having.

“About 60% of rural Kenya is without access to electricity,” he continues. “Sungrid Group’s product range is the perfect solution across not only underdeveloped areas, but also within disadvantaged urban communities as well.”

In particular, Koech references the Ecoboxx Barber Kit. Complete with clippers, it provides consumers not only with power and light, but most importantly with an income generating opportunity. “Kenya is a very entrepreneurial market and we are confident that this will prove to be an excellent fit.” In addition Koech and his team will also be marketing Sungrid Group’s lower entry products such as the Solsave my-powa, my-lite and my-lamp across Kenya’s lower income groups. “Our people need access to alternative, viable and cost-effective energy solutions,” stresses Koech. “The beauty of Sungrid Group’s extensive range, is that there is a suitable option available for everyone – not only with regards to specific requirements, but as importantly with regards to affordability.”

In addition, the humanitarian market will be another strong focus area, for which Koech believes the Ecoboxx 600 will be of great benefit. “Sungrid Group is already enjoying much success within the NGO and CSI sectors,” continues Koech. “We are proud to be part of this outreach within Kenya and eventually, East Africa.”

Whilst the demand for portable (solar) power and lighting products, within Kenya, can’t be disputed, Koech also references increasing competition. “We are expecting it to be a tough market, filled with cheaper alternatives. However, the superior quality that Sungrid Group offers across their entire product range will be what sets us apart. Whilst price is important, superior quality is non-negotiable.”IMG_2946


Sungrid Group is proud to announce its selection as supplier of portable (solar) power and lighting solutions to the United Nations.

Following the agreement reached earlier this year, the last few months have already seen us co-ordinating worldwide distribution of our products across urgent disaster relief zones including Yemen, Burundi and Nepal.

Not only does this contract reinforce the quality and benefits of our product range, thereby increasing brand credibility but, most importantly, it is allowing us to fulfil one of our key objectives, that of improving the lives of others.

We have enormous respect for the United Nations and the many men and women involved in international disaster relief efforts, and are humbled and proud to play a part during these times of crisis.