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Sungrid Group to donate 10,000 free solar lights to African NGOs

With over 10,000 free solar lights available to Africa’s NGO community, you too can play your part in helping to eradicate energy poverty by making a difference in the lives of those without access to power. For a limited period only (31 March 2016, or until stocks last), Sungrid Group will donate a free solar light, for every product purchased, to a charity or cause of your choice.

The products relating to this offer include:

  • Solsave my-lite!: 1.5W solar panel with 90 lumen super bright LED providing up to 6 hours of light from a single charge.
  • Solsave my-lite+: 3W solar panel with 200 lumen super bright LED providing up to 8 hours of light from a single charge; 4000 mAh internal battery powerbank for the charging of smartphones and other USB devices.
  • Solsave my-lamp!:120 lumen super bright LED providing up to 8 hours of light from a single charge; 2200 mAh battery powerbank for the charging of smartphones and other USB devices. The Solsave my-lamp! is also capable of manual charging via its handle-like feature.

With true plug-and-play convenience (no installation required) and its multi-charging capability (the ability to charge via the sun’s rays or via the grid); the Solsave my-lite!, my-lite+ and my-lamp! provide access to guaranteed power and light for when you need it most. In addition, all products come complete with a full one-year warranty and five-year battery life.

“One of our key objectives is, as far as possible, to ensure that our products land up in the homes and lives of those who truly need them,” says Paul Hubers, Sungrid Group. Access to reliable power and light can, and does, change lives. From improving study conditions through to providing aspiring entrepreneurs the means to succeed, Sungrid Group is passionate about empowering Africa.

This is evidenced through its existing partnerships with, amongst other, The Community Chest of the Western Cape, The World Food Program, Barclays, Gogla, The World Bank and the United Nations. It is these very partnerships together with Sungrid Group’s full range of portable solar power and light solutions, excellent logistics and distribution capability comprising its own warehouses coupled with an extensive network of agents throughout Africa, that is fast positioning Sungrid Group as the reliable and partner of choice within the African portable power marketplace.
“This offer enables us to continue fulfilling on our vision of ‘lighting up Africa’, with the help of every single one of our consumers,” says Hubers.


Sungrid Group is proud to announce its selection as supplier of portable (solar) power and lighting solutions to the United Nations.

Following the agreement reached earlier this year, the last few months have already seen us co-ordinating worldwide distribution of our products across urgent disaster relief zones including Yemen, Burundi and Nepal.

Not only does this contract reinforce the quality and benefits of our product range, thereby increasing brand credibility but, most importantly, it is allowing us to fulfil one of our key objectives, that of improving the lives of others.

We have enormous respect for the United Nations and the many men and women involved in international disaster relief efforts, and are humbled and proud to play a part during these times of crisis.



Another great milestone for WakaWaka

In addition to increasing local support and market uptake, we are pleased to announce the achievement of another great milestone for WakaWaka.  As an impact driven social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty across the globe, we are proud to report that a total of 100,000 WakaWaka units have been distributed to disaster zones and areas of need around the world.

 “We are committed to ensuring that in addition to enhancing recreational activities and improving safety and security, our products empower communities where daily consumption of electricity is not a reality either as a result of energy poverty or through national disaster,” says Ryan Steytler, Director, Sungrid Group.

Some of the areas that continue to benefit from free or subsidised WakaWaka units include the likes of Syria (34,474 units), the Philippines (13,368 units), Haiti (12,000 units) and Kenya (5,546 units).

“100,000 units to date, and counting,” adds Steytler.



Hi everybody!

Let’s introduce ourselves first: we are Laurens Wiersma and Maike van Grootel and we recently started the foundation Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side Up aims to support sustainable energy in developing countries. We believe that everybody has the right to clean, safe, affordable and reliable energy. Therefore we will devote the coming year to support several sustainable energy projects in Africa and Asia.

image1We have spend our last days preparing our vehicle, but now ‘Big Willie’ is ready for the overland adventure. Off course this Sunny Side Up vehicle is equipped with several portable solar solutions itself. We have a WakaWaka with us which is a solar unit small enough to carry it anywhere. And an Ecoboxx which has foldable solar panels that can support us with all the electricity we need while camping. Thank you In2Brands!

Want to learn more about our foundation and stay up-to-date about our projects?

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