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‘Africa’s most exciting fundraisers are using Solsave and Ecoboxx solar power products.’

Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave brands are proudly involved in one of Africa’s most exciting fundraising initiatives. “Man vs Beast” is a first of its kind endurance adventure race. Covering a distance of 800km over 16 days along the west coast of South Africa, it is the ultimate physical and mental endurance race for man and horses alike to raise awareness and funds to facilitate corrective surgery in animals and children born with clefts.

As media and TV partner for this event, Wild TV Africa’s CEO, Dewald Visser, decided to join the challenge in order to secure great footage for the TV production. This resulted in him accompanying the participants, and animals, as they ‘trekked’ through some of South Africa’s most scenic spots – all the while on a Stealth Carbon Fatbike. He started the 50k A Day challenge, which also raised funds for the two charities, by means of a TV series currently in production.

In need of alternative, but viable, energy solutions to accompany him on this journey, Visser conducted extensive market research into potential options. After a thorough analysis of available offerings, he concluded that Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave product range was by far the most superior and, in that, exactly what they were looking for.

“We needed access to guaranteed and reliable power and light,” says Visser. “Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave range of portable (solar) power and lighting products were our first choice, and it definitely did not disappoint.”

During the course of the journey, Wild TV’s camera crew needed to charge batteries for the cameras, editing suite, drones, GPS and cell phones in order to be able to produce daily video clips for social media. “Sungrid Group’s Ecoboxx and Solsave products did everything they needed to do, and more,” says Visser. The Ecoboxx, with its solar panels (attached to the roof of the 4×4), provided reliable power during the four days there was no access to electricity.

In addition, the Solsave my-powa, kept in Visser’s backpack, enabled him to keep his action cameras charged as he traveled along the coast for days, eliminating the risk of any missed filming opportunities as a result of flat batteries. At night, the my-lamp! and my-lite! provided sufficient light for the camp site, recharging very quickly in the sunshine en route from Alexander Bay to Cape Town.

“I will never attempt another adventure without Solar powered products,” says Visser, “and have a very good idea as to what I will choose to use for my next 50k A Day event – a 1000km adventure from Swakopmund to Oranjemund in 2016.”

The following Ecoboxx and Solsave products, from Sungrid Group’s extensive range, were used during the course of this challenge:

  • Ecoboxx 600
  • Ecoboxx 160 DC
  • Solsave my-powa
  • Solsave my-lamp
  • Solsave my-lite

Visit for more information about this great Solo Fatbike adventure.

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Demand for portable solar across building and residential market

“The way power, and portable (solar) power in particular, is consumed has changed,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group.

Demand for portable solar across building and residential market

“We are seeing an increase in demand, particularly across the building and residential estate market where the use of diesel generators is either not allowed or simply no longer the preferred option due to environmental concerns.”

Whilst the use of diesel generators as an alternative supply was a common occurrence, this is no longer the case. In fact, many estates and office parks as well as camping and recreational sites no longer allow the use of diesel generators onsite. “Generators are both noisy and harmful to the environment,” says Hubers.

It is also not as simple as ‘plug-and-play’. When making use of your generator during power outages, in order to ensure no harm occurs when Eskom reconnects the power one requires what is known as a bypass switch. “This needs to be installed by a qualified electrician, adding yet more costs to the average household.” Alternatively, the household items running off the generator can be ‘islanded’ (disconnected from the mainboard) via an extension cord. Whilst this would negate the need for a qualified electrician, the downside is that only smaller appliances are able to be connected, with no access to power for any heavier requirements.

Previously, solar power was the domain of costly and cumbersome installations, placing it out of range of many who could benefit. However, with recent and ongoing technical developments, the ability to harness the sun’s energy and make it easily available for all to use, via simple plug-and-play products, is shaping the way in which consumers are approaching the use of solar as an alternative and viable option.

“What’s also interesting to note,” continues Hubers, “is the change in market demand for the type of portable (solar) products. Developers, manufacturers and distributors of portable (solar) products, Sungrid Group has continued to expand its product range based on consumer demand. “Initially we offered products for light to medium power requirements. However, the last few months has seen a considerable expansion of Sungrid Group’s offering to include products capable of meeting both heavier and dual charging power requirements (the ability to charge the product both on- and off-grid.)

The recently launched Ecoboxx 1500 (EcoTank), capable of up to 350 hours of power, is a case in point. “In addition to providing enough power to support a small to medium sized business during times of load shedding or other interrupted power supply, we are seeing increasing demand for the EcoTank from residential and private homes, particularly in housing estates as an alternative to diesel generators,” continues Hubers. “Its many other benefits and uses include outdoor recreational and camping activities requiring heavier power, small guest houses, the local building industry and small business, to name but a few.”

The EcoTank is true ‘plug-and-play’ with no installation required. “Place the unit in the sun, or charge via the more conventional grid method, and your home becomes immune to load-shedding schedules,” continues Hubers. “The market response to this has been very encouraging, with many builders and architects now including items such as these as part of their overall offering to new home owners.”

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Demand for portable solar across building and residential market

“The way power, and portable (solar) power in particular, is consumed has changed,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “We are seeing an increase in demand, particularly across the building and residential estate market where the use of diesel generators is either not allowed or simply no longer the preferred option due to environmental concerns.”

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community Chest entrepenuer kit projectSungrid Group, in partnership with The Community Chest, lighting up lives

 The Sungrid Group, developer, manufacturer and distributor of portable (solar) power and lighting products, has partnered with The Community Chest of the Western Cape to both power and empower Cape Town’s rural and township communities.

“A key part of our company’s focus is to have our products make a difference in the lives of others,” says Hugo Blaisse, Director, Sungrid Group and responsible for all NGO and other CSI related activities. To this end, the last few months has seen Sungrid Group partner with leading humanitarian agencies including the likes of United Nations, in its bid to fulfil on this vision.

Known as the ‘Amandla Project’, the objective behind Sungrid Group’s local initiative with The Community Chest is to address unemployment, whilst combatting the effects that load shedding has on those with limited resources. “We live in a country where, at any given time, up to 10 million people have no access to electricity,” continues Blaisse. “Add to this the catastrophic effects on business and lifestyle as a result of ever-increasing load shedding, and it becomes virtually impossible for many South Africans to improve their quality of life or create financially viable opportunities.”

‘Amanda Project’ aims to change this. Operating under the slogan “Power your home; Empower your life”, it is providing entrepreneurs in townships and rural areas with the opportunity to not only power their homes, but also to use the products as a business tool to generate income.

“The basis for the project lies in the specially designed Ecoboxx Entrepreneur Kits”, says Blaisse. A solar generator providing plug-and-play portable light and power, Ecoboxx has been very well received in the local market since its launch early 2014. Powered by unique lead crystal battery technology, it is highly durable with double the lifespan of conventional alternatives. With a range of more than 10 power Qubes (50W – 1500W), EcoBoxx caters to any and all power needs.

The specially designed Ecoboxx Entrepreneur Kits are easily transportable and effortlessly set up at any locale.  Capable of providing 80 hours of power, it comes complete with two bright LED lights, a USB-driven fan, hair clipper and a multi-device mobile phone charging cable. “Basically, it enables any aspiring entrepreneur to not only power their own home, but similarly to generate an income by opening up a barber shop and selling mobile phone charging time, anywhere there is a need,” continues Blaisse.

The project has already trained 300 graduates, with up to 1000 kits to be distributed over the coming year. “It is our hope, and our goal, that by using our products in this way in townships and rural areas, that it will have a positive impact on the economic development of South Africa and its people,” concludes Blaisse.


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“This all-in-one kit is a little different
to anything else we tested. It includes
two 3W DC light bulbs with 5m cables that
could be hung from a curtain rail or branch,
depending on where you find yourself.
It all runs off a smallish 12Ah battery, but
because there’s no built-in inverter nothing
is “lost in translation”.

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OFC 77_OPTION.indd

The Ecoboxx  can almost replace a diesel generator as a mid term  solution for powering lights,  computers and TVs. The fact that it’s solar powered is a real plus.
~ Ecoboxx

VISI Finds

This is a fantastic product as it uses solar power and can charge your phone. It’s perfect for emergency lighting and the pocket-sized proportions mean you can take it anywhere. Definitely my favourite.
~Waka Waka

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