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Outdoor Warehouse Strongly Endorses Sungrid Group’s Top Product Range


“With the constant increase in electricity tariffs, more and more consumers are looking for viable alternative energy sources,” comments Michael Kriel, buyer at Outdoor Warehouse, one of Africa’s largest suppliers of outdoor equipment and apparel. “What makes Sungrid Group’s product range so attractive, is that it really is an all in one solution. There are no extra items that need to be bought, everything you need to ‘power’ your home, office or outdoor adventure is included in the box you purchase – making Sungrid Group’s offering true plug-and-play, literally as easy as 1-2-3.”

Having initially stocked only the Ecoboxx 160DC Plus, Outdoor Warehouse now also offers its consumers the Ecoboxx 600, available at selected stores. Both products are fast gaining traction and recognition as the ultimate all-in-one power machine for any light to medium portable power requirement. “In addition, we also stock the newly released Solsave my-powa,” adds Kriel. Launched early 2015, the Solsave my-powa is a revolutionary portable solar charger complete with both on- and off-grid capability.

“With the summer holiday season almost upon us, South Africans are gearing up for a well-deserved break,” continues Kriel. “Both the Ecoboxx 160DC+ and Ecoboxx 600 are ideal for the outdoor life, making it the essential accessory for all camping, caravan and 4×4 adventures.” On the other hand the Solsave my-powa, with its easy portability, is perfect for those who will be tackling some of South Africa’s beautiful hiking trails. “This makes it a highly sought after end of year gift,” adds Kriel.

“Through Sungrid Group we are able to offer our customers leading alternative (solar) power solutions, that are both cost-effective and of exceptionally high quality,” continues Kriel. Further, the easy to understand POS displays and visually appealing packaging, together with training provided, empowers the Outdoor Warehouse sales team to have extensive knowledge of the benefits and value these products bring to the South African consumer.

Whilst South Africa might not currently be in the grips of a crippling load shedding schedule, the need for alternative solutions remains. “The South African consumer still needs access to alternative and cost-effective energy products,” says Kriel. With the price of electricity continuing to soar, solar ‘power for free’, harnessed from the sun, is becoming an increasingly appealing option.

“Before, solar was always cumbersome and expensive, but this is no longer the case,” continues Kriel. Constant improvements in technology has led to the development of portable solar products capable of positively impacting the lives of many. “Whilst it might still be a growing market,” adds Kriel, “it is nevertheless fast becoming an essential product to have.”



Predicted to be a long, hot summer ahead of us – consumers around the country are getting ready to embrace the finest season South Africa has to offer.

From meanderings along scenic hiking trails, family road trips and weeks of quality time in holiday homes to the very best outdoor experiences our country has to offer – fishing, camping and caravanning, to name but a few, a glorious end of year awaits us all.

Wherever you go, whatever you do – make sure Sungrid Group is never far away. With an extensive range of portable (solar) power and lighting products, Sungrid Group will play an intricate role in transforming a fabulous holiday into a truly exceptional experience.

Capable of meeting any portable power requirement – and any pocket – Sungrid Group’s offering extends from light to medium and heavier power solutions complete with dual-charging capability (ability to charge via solar as well as on the grid).

From the newly launched Ecoboxx 1500 and 600 – the ultimate all-in-one power solution perfectly suited to guest houses and holiday homes through to its smaller Solsave products providing an array of LED light and smartphone charging capabilities, the Ecoboxx, Solsave and WakaWaka are quickly proving to be the ultimate summer accessory.

Order your stock today, and help your customers create exceptional experiences!

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