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Solsave my-water! Turning dirty or contaminated water into clean and safe to drink!

Ideally suited for any market – from humanitarian aid to B2B, the outdoor enthusiast and the average household, Solsave my-water! is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Comprising of two connected containers, dirty or contaminated water is poured into the top container. The water then drips through the ‘candle’, or filter, into the bottom container where it is stored – safe from any further contamination and easily dispensed through the tap mechanism at the bottom.

The brilliant, and high quality, filter technology ensures the removal of as much as 99.95% of harmful bacteria, in excess of 99.995% protozoa and no less than 99% turbidity – a key test of water quality. This helps to prevent water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, giardia, cryptosporidiosis, typhus and schistosomiasis.

Further, the filter element contains activated carbon to remove colour and improve taste. The end result – the conversion of even the most highly contaminated water into a safe and delicious thirst quencher, with a long shelf life! Silver technology guarantees safe storage of the filtered water. Due to the controlled release of silver particles, bacteria is unable to live and grow in the filtered water. This ensures that your water remains safe to drink for a sustained period of time.

The Solsave my-water! retails at the incredibly low price of ZAR 600.00 or USD 39.00 and comes complete with one filter.

Order yours today to maximise the health benefits of earth’s most precious, and free, resource!

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Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide staggering 50% ROI
High return entrepreneurial opportunities available for new and existing businesses

With profits as high as 50%, Sungrid Group’s new dealer packages provide a very compelling reason to enter the world of portable (solar) power.

“Irrespective of the dealer package you chose, the return in profits is a guaranteed 50% of the original purchase price,” says Paul Hubers, founder and owner, Sungrid Group. The Silver package guarantees a profit of R10,000.00 (initial investment of R20,000.00), whilst the Gold package returns a profit of R 25,000.00 (initial investment of R 50,000.00). “An entrepreneur myself, I have never come across an investment opportunity with such a high profit guarantee.”

All dealers, across both the Gold and Silver package, receive a combination of products from the Ecoboxx and Solsave ranges. An example of a Silver package product mix could include: x6 Ecoboxxes (different power capabilities), together with a variety of Solsave products (x12 my-powa!, x10 my-lite, x10 my-lite+ and x12 my-lamp). However, both packages allow the dealer to create his/ her own product mix. Sungrid Group will guide the dealers’ product selection based on geography and LSM of the intended markets. In addition, gold status dealers will also receive a free Solsave FSU (free standing unit) display together with promotional materials.

Due to the high number of requests already received for either Silver or Gold dealer status, Sungrid Group will introduce a Platinum package during the third quarter of 2016. Ideal for existing entrepreneurs and businesses who already have clear processes in place, the Platinum package will offer an even higher profit return in addition to support and other incentives.

Through this initiative, Sungrid Group is not only encouraging the wider distribution of viable portable (solar) power, but also creating very worthwhile and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.

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