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A recent partnership with Juro has seen Sungrid Group’s latest offering, the Solsave Sun-Preneur stalls, provide entrepreneurs across the continent with a far more sustainable infrastructure for their start up business, via solar powered solutions.
“The biggest problem with African entrepreneur initiatives is the infrastructure or ‘housing’ from which it operates,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “We have all seen vendors selling their wares, either in townships or on city sidewalks, out of inferior quality shacks, metal containers or event plastic tents. One spell of bad weather, and the budding entrepreneur’s infrastructure, and with it the business and revenue opportunity, is gone.”

Juro, an innovative African branding and commodity supplier, manufactures quality fibre-lined portable stalls ideally suited to these African entrepreneurs. Not only are these luxury stalls easily transportable, but most importantly they are completely weather-proof and able to withstand even the toughest conditions, thereby providing the ideal solution to millions of entrepreneurs across the continent.

“However, reliable and cost-effective power and light has to date been missing until now from these structures,” continues Hubers. Sungrid’s recent partnership with Juro will see the inclusion of portable Solar power products in these units moving forward, thereby opening up additional revenue opportunities including that afforded by a recent partnership between Sungrid, Juro and leading mobile phone operators throughout Africa.

Each unit will come complete with a roof mounted solar panel, LED lighting in the stall together with a fan to provide ventilation and a cool environment. In addition, the portable power unit itself will be housed in a separate case, allowing the entrepreneur to take it home each evening. “In turn, this will provide power and light to many households, many of whom are currently without,” says Hubers.

Available in a number of different sizes, these Sun-Preneur stalls can be used for a variety of business purposes:

  • SIM cards, airtime and electronic money transfers (reseller contracts with mobile phone operators optional)
  • Small solar light and charging products
  • Cigarettes (reseller contracts with major distributors optional)
  • Small snacks
  • Cold drinks and warm snacks (bigger stall with more power)
  • Everyday shopping items (contracts with leading Spaza shop suppliers optional)

Depending on the option chosen, the Sun-Preneur stalls generate a guaranteed monthly income of between R 3,500.00 to R 15,000.00.

Set against a monthly instalment of only R 250.00 to R 1,000.00 (once again depending on the option chosen), it is easy to see the huge financial viability available.

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Steven Goitseone is one of many South Africans without access to any form of reliable electricity or opportunity for viable employment. The difference with Steven though, is that he makes use of the Ecoboxx Barber Kit and it is improving his current circumstances for the better – daily!

Situated at a taxi rank in Tsepisong (a township next to Soweto), Steven is realising as much as R3,000.00 per month additional income. He does this through offering mobile phone recharging services (R5.00/ charge) and haircuts (R10.00 – R 15.00 each). “I am also able to assist others,” says Steven, who often employs his nephew to man his stand while he in turn goes off in search of other handyman work opportunities.

But it is not only during daylight hours that Steven’s Ecoboxx is proving its worth. “My shack is home to six other people, apart from myself,” says Steven. “As a result of the Ecoboxx, which I take home with me each evening, we now have a reliable source of light in addition to being able to listen to the radio or watch a bit of television.” Yet, one of the biggest benefits lies in its safety. “We no longer need to light candles at night,” says Steven, “greatly reducing the risk of shack fires.”

With his informal settlement not officially connected to the grid, Steven expresses concern over the many illegal connections to be found in townships and settlements around the country. “It is placing our children’s lives in danger. Our children walk over, and past, these makeshift power lines every day, with so many getting hurt as a result.” However, the sad reality is that even with these illegal connections, the power source is still not reliable due to it more often than not being disconnected.

“I would like to see an Ecoboxx in every home in my area,” says Steven, who has already purchased a second kit which he intends selling. “The solar panels are attracting a lot of interest, and I have had many enquiries from both neighbours and friends as to how they too can start to generate their own income, whilst improving the overall quality of their lives.”

Tune into Al Jazeera over the next few weeks to find out more about Steven and his Ecoboxx journey. In the meantime, for additional information on the Ecoboxx Entrepreneurial Kit, contact us today on 021 447 6849 or