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Sungrid Group joins forces with Intel and other leading IT companies to change the face of local education

 “Education is one of South Africa’s key priorities,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager (Gauteng), Sungrid Group, with access to regular power critical for both the implementation of effective education as well as new technologies and content. However, the sad reality is that far too often schools, particularly in rural areas, are faced with the daily challenge of an irregular or interrupted power supply and in extreme cases, often no power at all. “To change this would require massive investments in infrastructure,” continues Lombard, far beyond the means of those who need it most.

As developers, manufacturers and distributors of a full range of portable (solar) power and lighting products, Sungrid Group is committed to changing this. “South Africa, and Africa, receives extraordinary high levels of sunshine as well as the highest levels of solar energy compared to any other continent,” says Lombard. “Converting it into usable power for IT development, and education, is a logical step.”

Together with the likes of Intel, and other leading IT companies, Sungrid Group’s involvement in the educational leg of the government mandated Operation Phakisa seeks to grow ICT based education in schools through the use of renewable energy. “A regular and consistent power supply, together with access to mobile devices and other technologies, brings with it huge opportunity to transform education both locally and throughout Africa,” says Lombard. “Our goal is to reach all e-learning programmes, education boards and government ministers in order to showcase, and prove, the vital role that renewable energy has to play in today’s education crisis.”
Its flagship product, the Ecoboxx 1500 (a revolutionary portable solar generator able to provide up to 350 hours of uninterrupted power), is capable of powering a quality technology infrastructure for schools with no power, whilst also providing a reliable back up for those whose power supply is inconsistent. This will allow for technology driven projects essential to the expansion and improvement of education.

A proof of concept, already underway at Kgaphamadi High School, Bosplaas North West (Department of Basic Education), is successfully providing a much higher level of education to learners, improving both pass rates and attendance. Due to ‘always on power’, access to Wi-Fi and the internet is now a daily reality with learners exposed to new and relevant content. This is aiding skills development for both learners and teachers alike.

But, the benefits do not stop there. Sungrid Group’s wide range of products are able to offer renewable energy solutions across most scenarios. “We have a solution for each and every kind of portable power requirement,” says Lombard. “The sky, literally, is the limit.”
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Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide staggering 50% ROI

High return entrepreneurial opportunities available for new and existing businesses

 With profits as high as 50%, Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide a very compelling reason to enter the world of portable (solar) power.

“Irrespective of the dealer package you chose, the return in profits is a guaranteed 50% of the original purchase price,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager for Gauteng. The Silver Sun package guarantees a profit of R6,500.00 (tiny initial investment of R13,000.00), the Gold Sun package returns a profit of R 12,000.00 (initial investment of R 24,000.00) while the Platinum Sun Package returns as much as R27,500 for an investment of R55,000. “An entrepreneur myself, I have never come across an investment opportunity with such a high profit guarantee.”

All our chosen dealers, across the Sun packages, receive a combination of products from the Ecoboxx or Solsave ranges. An example of a Gold Sun Package product mix could include: x6 Ecoboxxes (different power capabilities), together with a variety of Solsave products (x12 my-powa!, x10 my-lite, x10 my-lite+ and x12 my-lamp). The Gold and Platinum Sun packages allow the dealer to create his/ her own product mix. Sungrid Group will guide the dealers’ product selection based on geography and LSM of the intended markets. In addition, Platinum Sun status dealers will also receive a free Solsave FSU (free standing unit) display together with LCD Screen and other promotional materials.

Due to the highly entrepreneurial nature of our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sun dealer packages, we are introducing Sun-Preneur Kits which allow Entrepreneurs to use the Sun to generate even more income through Barber Kits, Student Kits or more feminine kits such as our Sewing and Beauty kits. The kits are Ideal for existing entrepreneurs and businesses that already have clear procedures in place to drive innovative job creation across Africa.

Through this initiative, Sungrid Group is not only encouraging the wider distribution of viable portable (solar) power, but also creating very worthwhile and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Why is the Ecoboxx the Perfect D.I.Y Solution from Builders Warehouse?

Sungrid Group celebrates with special pricing, introductory offers and much more.

 Gearing up for spring, saw Sungrid Group add its range of portable solar power and lighting products to the newly launched ‘solar Isles’ at Builders Warehouse in Rivonia in July and Strubens Valley in August. To celebrate, we invite all customers to visit Builders Rivonia, the flagship store, situated next to Sandton and in the very heart of South Africa’s business district, to take advantage of discounted prices and special introductory offers.

 The selection on offer in both stores includes our leading brand, Ecoboxx, voted best camping gear and accessory at the recent Gauteng Getaway Show and supported by South African icons, Dale Steyn and Jacques Kallis. Ranging from Ecoboxx 50 through to its Ecoboxx 600 at under R 9999, the choice available caters to any and all, light to medium portable power requirements. Ecoboxx 1500 can be available on request.

“As South Africa’s store of choice for all DIY, building and home improvement solutions, Builders Warehouse is a natural fit for our solar portable power and lighting products,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “Access to alternative power solutions, that are both reliable and cost-effective, are empowering lives,” continues Hubers. “Being able to generate power anywhere and anytime, irrespective of circumstances, is providing independence to households and businesses countrywide.”

Part of Sungrid Group’s value offering to Builders Warehouse included the proposal of an entire Isle, dedicated to solar products, covering a wide range of size and functionality. “Solar is changing the way people consume power,” continues Hubers. “Retailers countrywide need to cater to this increasing consumer demand in order to remain competitive.”

Sungrid Group is proud to part of Builders Warehouse’s first ‘solar aisle’, with plans underway to increase its offering to include the Ecoboxx 1500. A revolutionary portable solar generator, capable of meeting heavier power requirements from drills through to grinders, and much more, it is fast proving itself to be “The essential item for every home”, business and outdoor experience.

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