Why is the Ecoboxx the Perfect D.I.Y Solution from Builders Warehouse?

Sungrid Group celebrates with special pricing, introductory offers and much more.

 Gearing up for spring, saw Sungrid Group add its range of portable solar power and lighting products to the newly launched ‘solar Isles’ at Builders Warehouse in Rivonia in July and Strubens Valley in August. To celebrate, we invite all customers to visit Builders Rivonia, the flagship store, situated next to Sandton and in the very heart of South Africa’s business district, to take advantage of discounted prices and special introductory offers.

 The selection on offer in both stores includes our leading brand, Ecoboxx, voted best camping gear and accessory at the recent Gauteng Getaway Show and supported by South African icons, Dale Steyn and Jacques Kallis. Ranging from Ecoboxx 50 through to its Ecoboxx 600 at under R 9999, the choice available caters to any and all, light to medium portable power requirements. Ecoboxx 1500 can be available on request.

“As South Africa’s store of choice for all DIY, building and home improvement solutions, Builders Warehouse is a natural fit for our solar portable power and lighting products,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “Access to alternative power solutions, that are both reliable and cost-effective, are empowering lives,” continues Hubers. “Being able to generate power anywhere and anytime, irrespective of circumstances, is providing independence to households and businesses countrywide.”

Part of Sungrid Group’s value offering to Builders Warehouse included the proposal of an entire Isle, dedicated to solar products, covering a wide range of size and functionality. “Solar is changing the way people consume power,” continues Hubers. “Retailers countrywide need to cater to this increasing consumer demand in order to remain competitive.”

Sungrid Group is proud to part of Builders Warehouse’s first ‘solar aisle’, with plans underway to increase its offering to include the Ecoboxx 1500. A revolutionary portable solar generator, capable of meeting heavier power requirements from drills through to grinders, and much more, it is fast proving itself to be “The essential item for every home”, business and outdoor experience.

To find out more, please contact us today on 021 380 0305 or info@sungridgroup.com.

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