Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide staggering 50% ROI

High return entrepreneurial opportunities available for new and existing businesses

 With profits as high as 50%, Sungrid Group’s dealer packages provide a very compelling reason to enter the world of portable (solar) power.

“Irrespective of the dealer package you chose, the return in profits is a guaranteed 50% of the original purchase price,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager for Gauteng. The Silver Sun package guarantees a profit of R6,500.00 (tiny initial investment of R13,000.00), the Gold Sun package returns a profit of R 12,000.00 (initial investment of R 24,000.00) while the Platinum Sun Package returns as much as R27,500 for an investment of R55,000. “An entrepreneur myself, I have never come across an investment opportunity with such a high profit guarantee.”

All our chosen dealers, across the Sun packages, receive a combination of products from the Ecoboxx or Solsave ranges. An example of a Gold Sun Package product mix could include: x6 Ecoboxxes (different power capabilities), together with a variety of Solsave products (x12 my-powa!, x10 my-lite, x10 my-lite+ and x12 my-lamp). The Gold and Platinum Sun packages allow the dealer to create his/ her own product mix. Sungrid Group will guide the dealers’ product selection based on geography and LSM of the intended markets. In addition, Platinum Sun status dealers will also receive a free Solsave FSU (free standing unit) display together with LCD Screen and other promotional materials.

Due to the highly entrepreneurial nature of our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sun dealer packages, we are introducing Sun-Preneur Kits which allow Entrepreneurs to use the Sun to generate even more income through Barber Kits, Student Kits or more feminine kits such as our Sewing and Beauty kits. The kits are Ideal for existing entrepreneurs and businesses that already have clear procedures in place to drive innovative job creation across Africa.

Through this initiative, Sungrid Group is not only encouraging the wider distribution of viable portable (solar) power, but also creating very worthwhile and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.

Become a Sun-Preneur Today!

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