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Sungrid Group at first ever Earth Expo, 11 – 14 August

Sungrid Group was thrilled to have been part of the first ever Earth Expo, held at Montecasino earlier this month. In partnership with InnoGreenBuild, we were on hand to highlight the very latest in green building technologies and renewable energy solutions to the more than 8,000 visitors attending this revolutionary four-day event.

“The aim of the event lay in demystifying Green Living,” says Paul Lombard, Regional Manager (Gauteng), Sungrid Group. From recycling through to the reduction of waste and consumption, members of the public were educated on how to make a difference. “It’s about making choices that have a positive impact on our world,” says Lombard, “particularly for our future generations.”

With a strong focus on cost savings and solar energy, the popular Ecoboxx 1500 powered both the television and LED low wattage lights contained in the green housing structures on display, together with other fixed solar installers.

Capable of powering anything from an LED light through to power drills, TVs and microwaves – with a range of other household or office products in between, the Ecoboxx 1500 is the first ever portable power unit offering dual-charging capability (ability to charge via solar as well as on the grid). Known as the Ecotank, it is the ultimate power solution for everyone and anyone needing renewable power to begin building a greener future.

“The benefits of solar power in reducing your environmental impact are wide ranging,” continues Lombard. “Not only does it provide a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable source of power and lighting – anywhere and anytime, it also allows for the reduction of one’s carbon footprint and awareness towards working with Nature. This is becoming increasingly vital, as we strive to leave the world in a better shape than how we found it.”

With social responsibility and social consciousness a key part of Earth Expo, all green buildings and many products were donated to worthy initiatives around the country at the end of this year’s show. “Access to renewable power is so crucial as the community will not be complicit in burning fossil fuels, not only for the development and empowering of communities in a sustainable and educating way,” continues Lombard, “but, most importantly, for the fostering of change and a brighter, healthier world.”

Take your first step towards an improved South Africa and more sustainable future.

Order your Ecoboxx 1500 today. Contact us on 021 447 6849 or
Alternatively, visit Builders Warehouse or Outdoor Warehouse to purchase a smaller Ecoboxx for your needs.

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